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Terms & Conditions FAQs

  • Terms & Conditions may vary from auction to auction

  • However for all auctions all sales are final with no refunds or exchanges. All items sold 'as is where is'. 

  • It is extremely important to read and understand the Terms & Conditions for an auction prior to bidding at that auction.

What are Bidder Terms & Conditions?

Bidder Terms & Conditions constitute the entire Terms & Conditions under which items in an auction will be offered and/or sold by Oakridge Auction Gallery, Inc. on behalf of any consignor of such items for whom we act as agent. By bidding at an auction, a bidder is expressly agreeing to the Terms & Conditions for that auction.  Further, by bidding a bidder becomes party to a negotiation, and expressly agrees that in the event that they are the high bidder, and the item or lot of items is declared sold, a contract for sale and purchase is created under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?

A link to the Bidder Terms & Conditions for each auction can be found in the auction listing for that auction, on each of the online bidding platforms, in the printed catalog, if one is produced for the auction, and posted at the gallery. 

Once posted, can the Terms & Conditions for an auction be changed or amended prior to the auction?

Yes, the Terms & Conditions for an auction can be changed or amended by any posted, printed, or verbally published amendment.  It is important to carefully listen to the opening announcements at an auction, and to verify that the Terms & Conditions have not changed. 

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