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Frequently Asked Questions

From shipping, to taking an item from its frame, here are some ready answers to topics that frequently trouble our bidders and consignors


Q: Does Oakridge arrange shipping for purchased items?

A: Oakridge Auction Gallery is not equipped to ship items for buyers. We do provide a list of commonly consulted shippers on several pages of our website - please consult the Shipping & Payments page for more information. Please note that Oakridge is not responsible for any items once they have been picked up by the shipping company of your choice. For questions regarding a shipment, please contact your shipping company representative directly.

Q: Can I have Oakridge remove my item from its frame?

A: For reasons of safety, both of the object and of our team members, Oakridge cautions against removing items from their frame. Items may be removed from their frame at the buyer's request on a case-by-case basis, subject to the expert opinion of Oakridge specialists regarding the condition of the item and the likelihood of damage caused by removal.

Should an item be judged safe to remove from its frame, a labor and materials fee will be assessed based upon the item's size, condition, and material. All requests must be accompanied by a signed copy of the Liability Waiver, which may be found under the Shipping and Payments page.


Q: I don't want my item to sell below a certain amount. How can I prevent that?

A: Oakridge does offer the option of setting a reserve, an amount under which an item cannot sell regardless of final bid amount. Please note that all contracts made after July 15, 2019 will require a $25 per item fee to set reserves, and no reserves will be accepted for items estimated to sell below $100. Please speak to your specialist about your concerns and they will advise you of your options and rights under your current contract.

Q: I agreed to sell my item at the quoted estimate, but now that I see the item on the online platform, I realize that I don't want to sell it. What can I do?

A: Oakridge acknowledges that all consigned items remain in the possession of the consignor until purchase, meaning that a consignor may always request to have items returned to them. Please note, however, that an item that is pulled by the consignor following the upload to online platforms, which occurs 1 month prior to a sale, will be charged a 1.5% buyback fee to offset the costs which have gone into cataloguing, marketing, staging, photographing, storing, and hosting the item on the online platform. This buyback fee does not apply to items which pass at auction and are then requested to be returned to the consignor.

Please do not hesitate to communicate your concerns about your item's estimate to your specialist prior to the sale's upload and staging. We strive to communicate clearly and punctually with our consignors to prevent post-upload misunderstandings and to provide a fluid, informative experience for our buyers.

Q: My items passed at a sale, and I can't come and get them right away. How long do I have before I have to come and get them?

A: Items which pass at auction may be reallocated to another sale with the consignor's approval or returned to the consignor at the latter's request. The policy at Oakridge is that all items left unclaimed for more than 45 days will be considered abandoned property, to be disposed of according to Oakridge's best judgement.

Please communicate readily with us if you know that you will have trouble collecting your item within the alloted 45 days. Please arrange another pick-up date with us at your earliest convenience.

Please also note that scheduling a pick-up date that is several months past the 45 day allotment will incur a storage fee.

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