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The art of calligraphy as self expression

Throughout centuries, calligraphy has been one of the highest forms of art in Chinese society, valued above other visual arts such as painting. The gestural nature of composing characters and the structural variability allowed by the fluidity of traditional ink and brush result in a highly unique and personal script, often seen as telling as the words themselves.

A prime example of unique and gestural script can be seen in Zhu Dequn’s interpretation of "Night Mooring at Maple Bridge" by Zhang Ji.

Zhu Dequn's calligraphy breaks free from the restrictions of orthodox Chinese art through the integration of calligraphy with abstract oil painting, where wild cursive writing and unbridled abstract forms complement each other.

This unique piece of calligraphy is coming to auction this September during Oakridge’s Asia Week sales featuring a Chinese paintings and Calligraphy sale on Thursday September 15th starting at 9am EDT.

View lot 34, estimated at $5,000-8,000 with a starting bid of $2,500.

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