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Oakridge offers advisory services to help our clients with collections management, acquisitions, valuations, and divestment.

Our specialists have a deep understanding of the art market across many categories of fine art, personal property, and tangible assets. We can provide insight on strategic areas for investment, current market values, and the best time to sell.

We offer services to private and institutional clients, trusts and estates, and art advisories.

Private Clients

We work with collectors of all types and levels of experience to develop a collecting strategy, assess current values, and advise our clients on market conditions for new acquisitions, new collecting opportunities, and timely sale to maximize value. 


We work with corporate collections, museums, non-profits, and other institutions to develop a collecting strategy and assist with deaccession through appraisal or sale when artworks are no longer in service of the institution's mission.

Art Advisories

We provide comprehensive auction solutions for art advisories, large appraisal firms, and their clients. We can provide a single sale venue for collections of many sizes and types, arrange shipping, and liaise with other vendors to make asset or estate liquidation a seamless process.

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