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Property may be shipped to/picked up from:

Oakridge Auction Gallery
44675 Cape Court, Suite #171
Ashburn, VA 20147  

Property may be delivered or collected in person by appointment during normal operating hours:

Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Costs associated with the shipping and handling of sold lots are the responsibility of the buyer. If the buyer is not picking up directly from Oakridge Auction Gallery, they must select a shipper to pack and ship their lots. Oakridge Auction Gallery does not endorse any particular shipper and is not liable for any damage or loss due to the negligence of a third-party shipping company. The buyer is responsible for handling all shipping details. 

We ask that all clients email when setting up the shipment of their items. Please include in the email which shipping company you have authorized to collect your lots, along with the invoice number and lot numbers. We will only release your purchases to the shipping company once we have received this authorization email.

Items must be shipped within two (2) weeks of payment; any items remaining in the company’s custody or control at the expiration of the two (2) weeks past payment will be subject to storage fees of no less than $50. All storage fees must be paid before lots will be released to the shipper. Any items remaining sixty (60) calendar days following the date when the buyer made payment on an invoice will be considered abandoned property and be subject to resale or disposal with no refund. 

Shippers must schedule their pick-up times with Oakridge Auction Gallery to ensure availability of staff onsite and must provide a copy of the paid-in-full invoice. Shippers must sign a copy of the invoice and indicate any damage or imperfection seen on the item at the time of pick-up.


Framed items cannot be removed from their frame without a signed Release of Liability form, which must be returned to Oakridge Auction Gallery before lots can be released to the shipper. Buyers may access a printable version of this form HERE. Please understand that removing an item from its frame may damage the item or otherwise compromise the item's safety.


45591 Dulles Eastern Plaza Ste 132

Sterling, VA 20166

(703) 537-8592

*Please note that email is the preferred method of communication with this store.

The UPS Store 0316* 
(Previously Store 4304)

11654 Plaza America Drive

Reston, VA 20190

(703) 437-9300

*Please note that email is the preferred method of communication with this store.

Parcel Plus

Cascades Marketplace

21010 Southbank Street

Sterling, VA 20165

(703) 406-7505

621 68th St

Brooklyn, NY 11220

(347) 265-5667

WeChat ID: ProArtShipping

Pro Art Shipping提供专业艺术品与古董运输服务。

价格实惠,并有多种运输选择 – USPS, EMS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, 以及中国包清关服务。

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