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Oakridge to offer rare early Qianlong five-neck vase

Our upcoming Asian Arts sale features a rare five-spout vase complete with a seamless glaze application. This form is incredibly uncommon and also bears an early Qianlong mark which was only used for two years before the adoption of the more often-seen Qianlong mark.

Its intriguing form paired with an uncommon reign mark makes it an exceptional piece.

Its flambe glaze, also known as Jingdezhen Jun, is a technique that was pioneered in the 18th century to replicate Jun ware produced during the Song dynasty centuries earlier (Gotheborg). Its streaked appearance is the result of iron, copper, and other metals in the glaze reacting with one another under the intense heat of the kiln.

The unique combination of light blue and rosy red, reminiscent of water meeting a raging fire, complements its smooth curves. The ringed foot is double-glazed with a grey-white layer over a deep brown layer, imitating the wares of the Jun kiln.

Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming sale!

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